Fresh Flush FAQ

Fresh Flush FAQ – Questions Asked By Our Customers And Important Product Information

Q: It’s a new idea – a Use Before toilet spray.  So how do I use Fresh Flush?


A: Using Fresh Flush is easy and effective

  • Give your Fresh Flush bottle a good shake
  • Lift the toilet lid
  • Spritz 4-6 sprays of Fresh Flush directly onto the water in the toilet bowl
  • Do your business
  • Flush
  • Tell us what you think on FACEBOOK


EXPLANATION – Fresh Flush creates a protective barrier on top of the toilet bowl water trapping unwanted odours beneath it so they never reach the air and pollute your bathroom.


Q: What is Fresh Flush made of?

A: Fresh Flush is made from ingredients commonly found in shampoos and other personal care products.


Q: I am worried about adding liquids to my toilet – Is Fresh Flush safe for the plumbing and toilet system?

A: Fresh Flush consists ingredients commonly found in other bath products and therefore the effect will be no different to using a shampoo or conditioner in your bath or shower.


Q: As Fresh Flush is made of fragranced oils can I drink it?

A: Definitely not – if you or your children accidentally ingest Fresh Flush please consult your doctor immediately or go to the closest trauma centre. Some useful numbers:
SA Poison Info Centre 021 6895227.


Q: How do I know Fresh Flush actually works?

A: According to the results of our pilot study and many happy customer testimonials we know it works – check out our client testimonials page.


Q: Who do I speak to about Compliments or Complaints?

A: Please email and one of our team will get back to you ASAP.


Q: What if I pay for Fresh Flush and the product is defective?

A: If your product is defective or damaged, please email


Q: I don’t like ordering from the on-line shop – where is Fresh Flush stocked?

A: Please see our store locator page for a list of stockists.


Q: Has Fresh Flush been tested on animals?

A: No Fresh Flush has not been tested on animals.